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Why you should get Build2Flip - A Flippa Clone Script?

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Flippa is one place where online enterprises and businesses are sold. That is to say that, buyers and sellers of online entities, like domain names, websites, software and mobile applications etc. are connected by this platform to do business (that is to say, buy and sell). The amount of sale that take place on Flippa is increasing yearly and Flippa is becoming the industry standard when it comes to buying and selling businesses on the internet.

Developing a platform like Flippa requires full admin features incorporation, guest/users features, item/commodity listing, pricing and payment features. If you want to run your own online business sales platform where buyers and sellers can meet to buy and sell online businesses; websites, apps, domains etc., like Flippa, you do not have to design your platform from scratch; all you do is obtain a Flippa clone PHP script, and deploy it for your use.

Clone scripts are fully legal carbon copies or replicas of application or websites that are already successful in a particular niche. To build a platform like Flippa, you need not build it from ground to finish, a lot of Website Marketplace scripts are available that you can use to build your platform right away and get it ready for use in the shortest time possible. Flippa clone scripts aids the quick and effective launching of online marketplace platforms like Flippa.

Flippa Clone Script

When it comes to setting up an online marketplace for yourself, one important factor too looks out for is how to make the platform secure, trustworthy and easy to use, by both the potential sellers and buyers.


Build2Flip - Flippa Clone Script developed by Clonescloud is designed to aid you in developing your own online marketplace similar to Flippa, this clone coded in full PHP, is a sublime script, developed with the most advanced technology, with a lot of rich features that you can easily integrate and use for your marketplace platform development. Build2Flip is fully customizable, easy to use, with full admin, seller and buyers features, that you can customize for your own specification.


These are the list of Flippa clones that you can obtain on the internet and get your online business marketplace up and running. These clones can be used on any scale; you can set it up to sell your website or domain for yourself instead of using sites like Flippa or using Build2Flip, you can deploy a large scale marketing platform as an entrepreneur. The price for these clones vary based on the features that you want introduced into your marketplace.

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